Nutrihero Water Resistant Portable Blender

Here comes the next Nutrihero for your continuous healthy lifestyle amidst a busy routine! Nutrihero Portable Blender 2.0 is created to enjoy your smoothie and juice anytime, anywhere for your convenience.


May it be on a hike with friends, a picnic with family, or even at work with your colleagues. Make your own beverages wherever you are. With a press of your finger, a nutritious smoothie comes to life all while saving time! 


The Nutrihero Blender is finally made more affordable with the newest Nutrihero Portable Blender 2.0 with additional good features. The product differs from its predecessor in terms of design, size, and water resistance.

The Nutrihero Blender 2.0 is much bigger with 400ML capacity and it is water resistant. 

  1. Large capacity 

The Nutrihero Portable Blender 2.0 has a 400ML capacity which would fit a huge amount of healthy beverage in one go. 

  1. Charging and battery endurance

The newest Nutrihero Blender 2.0 comes with a power cord for charging. The battery also boasts its long-lasting life that would function for more than 15 blends even after a quick charge.

  1. Sharp Blade 

The Nutrihero stainless steel blade cuts through every fruit into a pulp in less than a minute, making it easier and faster to make a beverage of your choice. 

  1. Water Resistance 

Accidentally submerging the Nutrihero Blender 2.0 in water will not be a problem anymore! Also, cleaning it would not feel like a chore anymore as it has become as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just pour water and soap in the blender, then blend it for another fruit shake!

  1. Portable / Outdoors 

Same with its predecessor, the newest Nutrihero Portable Blender 2.0 is easy to carry wherever you are.

In a hustling city where everyone is busy, a Nutri-Hero was born for your convenience despite your tight schedule. It's time to invest in your health—and save time.