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NutriHero Brand Story
I used to watch my wife and kids grab a muffin to eat as they leave the house every morning. It’s not like I was any different, my eating habit was poor too. Junk foods are a part of our every day life in today’s world. We eat them on-the-go and even at home. We depend on junk foods for sustaining ourselves because usually time is of the essence and in many cases, we simply have a poor nutrition habit – there’s no shame in admitting that.
I got tired of watching us – my wife and kids, continue with the poor eating habit, so I decided to work on something that would put an end to this and improve nutrition for my family. I spent 2 years to research, create and design a product that will improve our eating habit; a product that is good for today’s modern day active lifestyle. This product is the NutriHero Portable Blender.
In my research, I learnt several information about nutrition and health and how they are intertwined in a way. Our immune system can be affected by what we eat and generally consume into our body, starting from what we eat and drink. Sometimes when we fall sick, it’s partly due to our poor nutrition and general lifestyle.
I realised that all the knowledge I acquired from my effort to improve my family’s eating habit should not be monopolised for my family alone. There are billions of Millennials, Gen Z, and Baby Boomers and more out there who are also living the active lifestyle and eating on-the-go junk food. If there is a product that will help us eat nutritious food while we are maintaining our modern day active lifestyle, it is the NutriHero Portable Blender.
NutriHero Portable Blender is a small sporty-design blender that you can take anywhere and use anywhere without depending on the electricity wall power. You can use it at your office, while camping, while hiking, and in lots of your outdoor places.
Even though the NutriHero Portable Blender is our first product, we are not stopping there.
NutriHero is a brand that seeks to improve the overall health of people. Our goal is to make life easier for the average person whether young or old by making it easier for them to maintain a healthy lifestyle without having to sacrifice their comfort or time.
For many people, particularly those who engage in outdoor activities daily, they believe that they can’t maintain a healthy eating habit while living an active lifestyle. Well, that is a story of the past.
The NutriHero belief is that there’s a way to live a convenient healthy lifestyle that doesn’t interrupt your active lifestyle. Convenience + Nutrition is a superb combo!

 We have more products coming! 

Your skin deserves proper care – we are working on a product that will be sourced from natural materials to give your skin the best natural glow and care.
Nutritious Supplements – we are working on creating natural wellness protein supplements that will keep you going while you’re going about your day being active.

Stay tuned to us!