Nutrihero - Best beauty Marine Collagen Peptides Supplement Powder with Vitamin C and Papaya

Nutrihero Beauty Marine Collagen Supplement

Made from naturally sourced wild marine collagen from whitefish NATICOL. We processed the marine collagen to retain all its natural nutrients and complemented it with other vital nutrients extracted from beet fruits and papaya to give you the best health, skin and fitness boost you need. It contains 0% GMO with no fillers, gluten, sugars, thereby making it highly dissolvable.

Scientific studies prove that collagen helps to improve skin elasticity, skin firmness and body hydration.

Collagen and Juice Combination

Collagen is the number one dominant protein in the body, it provides strength, firmness and structure to the skin, bones and joint cartilage. However, as one grows older, the collagen in the body starts to grow weak leading to reduced functionality. Weak collagen production in the body causes the skin, bones and joint to become more vulnerable to damage due to slow repair of connective tissues, it also causes the skin, bones and joints to show signs of ageing.

Therefore, even though your body produces its collagen, natural collagen supplements such as NutriHero Beauty Marine Collagen is recommended to serve as alternative collagen production to meet the collagen supply your body needs.

Collagen and Coffee Combination

How To Use NutriHero Beauty Marine Collagen

Add Collagen to cold water, hot water, juice, milkshake, smoothie and other drinks and foods. It is easily dissolvable, so it will blend well with any drink or food of your choice.

We also recommend you to take NutriHero Beauty Marine Collagen before you start your workout to boost yourstamina

Add NutriHero Beauty Marine Collagen to your healthy lifestyle, make it a daily routine and watch it improve your overall health, skin, hair and make you feel young and active.

Ingredients: Hydrolyzed Collagen, Marine Collagen Peptide, Vitamin C, Glutathione, Maltodextrine, Beet Powder, Papaya fruit powder.

Collagen and Smoothie Combination