Product Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Nutrihero Battery Life?

A fully charged Nutrihero will show a solid green light on the START/STOP button. When your nutrihero is fully charged it will have a 4-6 hour battery life!

Is the Nutrihero cup made up of plastic?

Nope! We created our Nutrihero from a durable glass to ensure sustainability and preventing toxins usually found in non-BPA free plastic.

How do i clean my Nutrihero? 

It’s super easy! There are 2 simple ways to clean your Nutrihero, please refer to the HOW TO USE SECTION above!

What can i blend in my Nutrihero blender?

The options are endless, seriously!! Fruit, veggies, herbs, powders and ice! Make smoothies, juice and even baby food on the go!